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Why choose Bishop Clancy for your Commercial real estate needs?
  • Born and raised in the Bay Area, we know the Silicon Valley and surrounding communities like few others.
  • We use the most sophisticated software available in the commercial real estate market to find the business location exactly where you want to be, anywhere in the Greater Bay Area.
  • Your forte is growing your business; ours is finding and tailoring your new facility needs to your specifications
  • Leasing & Sales negotiations that benefit YOU.
  • Ancillary services to make your move painless: equipment and furniture movers, technology installations, printing and, most importantly, providing what you need to create a functional and efficient workplace. We work with reliable, professional contractors to create the facility you want.
How are you different from your competition?
  • We are focused on commercial real estate exclusively. Whether you're leasing 500 sq ft or 50,000 sq ft, you will be treated in a professional manner and attention to detail does not vary. You can count on us to return your calls promptly and answer your questions and concerns in a timely manner. Our priorities are always concentrated on the client and their needs.
Who pays for your services?
  • Our services are paid by the property owner. You won't pay a penny for professional, first rate assistance.
How long will it take once a property is identified (selected) before moving in?
  • Move in time will vary significantly. Many properties will already be configured and will meet your needs, which will allow you to simply move in within a week or so. Depending on your specific requirements, a property that needs significant remodeling could take several weeks. As is always the case in the business world, it depends on the deal.
Do I have to travel extensively to see potential (available) properties?
  • The short answer is NO! We pay thousands of dollars a year to access THE industry software which allows us, and you, to search through all the available properties in the bay area and provide property locations, photos, property design, detailed information about the surrounding area, and much more. Remember "we do the legwork while you grow your business".
What if I'm not sure how long I will need or want the new space?
  • There are many properties available that may be leased on a month to month basis. Be aware, however, that this type of lease tends to be slightly more expensive and the choices of properties available will be limited. As is our policy, we'll find the property you want, at the terms you want... that's our job!
Is it expensive to alter the new space to my specifications and who pays for improvements?
  • Generally, the property owner will pay for the alterations or improvements. Of course full disclosure is an integral part of the process and any costs you may incur will always be disclosed well ahead of time.

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