When choosing an industrial or warehouse property, there are many questions to ask yourself. Do you need a dock to receive and send freight or will a grade level door suffice? Do you need a high clear height for racking or equipment? What are your power needs? Should you pay for the more convenient location or is a major thoroughfare and freeway access not a priority? How much yard does your company need?

In the last decade we have seen industrial neighborhoods disappear in the Bay Area in favor of residential and commercial projects. We have helped several companies who have been forced to move from there industrial properties due to zoning changes. Finding another suitable property without disrupting your business is of the utmost importance to us. While you run your business we will help you find the ideal industrial property you've been looking for and negotiate the best possible terms and conditions.

Some terms you should be familiar with before you begin your search for industrial/warehouse space:

Industrial Gross Lease:
A type of lease where the tenant pays rent and the utilities are billed directly to the business. Quite often there will be an additional expense called the CAM charge.

The CAM is an additional amount that a tenant pays to cover the property's common area maintenance. Traditionally, this payment covered landscaping and parking lot maintenance. Some property owners are also inserting their property insurance and property taxes into this charge.

Remember there is no charge to you for using our services because the landlord pays our commission. Just email us what type of industrial/warehouse property you are looking for and we will have some options back to you in a couple of days.