Choosing a new medical or dental space is a major decision that will have an impact on your practice for years. You want to make sure your medical space is comfortable and convenient for your patients as well as being easy to find. As a dentist or health care professional, you have a lot of leverage with landlords because a medical tenant is one of the most desired in commercial real estate. Bishop Clancy Commercial can help you find the ideal space for your practice and negotiate the best deal for your needs. If you are currently searching for medical or dental space or are in a space already and have questions, feel free to give us a call today.

Some terms you should be familiar with when searching for medical or dental space are:

Tenant Improvements:
Changes made to a space for the tenant. This can include moving interior walls around, installing new carpets or hardwood flooring, adding bathrooms and plumbing connections. Often times landlords will pay for some of the tenant improvements depending on the term of the lease. A landlord is usually willing to give a larger allowance to a tenant who will occupy the space for a long period of time.

Direct Space:
Space that is being offered for lease directly from the landlord of a building as opposed to space being offered in a building by another tenant trying to sublet a space that has already been leased.

Triple Net Lease:
A lease in which the tenant pays the rental price and additional costs such as property taxes, insurance premiums and utilities.

Let Bishop Clancy Commercial find the right space for your practice. We will send you detailed reports of spaces in your desired size range and location within two business days. There is no charge for using our services because the landlord pays our commission. So contact us today and lets begin the search.